Should I Enroll My Kids at DiDa Dance Studios NYC?


Yes, of course! That’s because, first and most importantly, dance is fun! Dance classes for kids are a good way to start yours down a fulfilling lifelong path to happiness and success.  Our students learn to express themselves through physicality by learning how to move through the air with rhythm, grace, and focus.  There are many ways one can engage in this at our dance studio: hip-hop, jazz, ballet, or one of the many ballroom styles we teach.  This diversity offers a different lens through which to view and present oneself expressively. 

Developing footwork and a dancer’s physique can help strengthen rarely used muscles that will enable kids to accomplish a great variety of feats throughout life.  The development of self-control will inform and enhance any young dancer’s future aspirations, whether athletic or not.  Not only that, but studies suggest that keeping one’s body in motion improves overall mental health and mood balance, further enabling our dancers to thrive in education and other areas of life.

Through the discipline of dance, kids can build self-esteem that will encourage them to stay active in pursuing their goals and aspirations throughout their youth and into adulthood.  Developing the skill to remain focused and disciplined extends to the confidence required to accomplish greater things.  Our purpose here is to give dancers a sense of their own potential by showing them how to build skills from the ground up.

Essential to this approach is putting our dancers on a path to compete.  We do this to keep our students focused, to give them purpose, and to open opportunities that can’t be found with just one annual recital.  We use many performance opportunities every year to give our dancers a reason to hone their craft and pursue their own growth.  A single recital in a year is not usually enough to keep a kid’s attention.  The more chances a dancer gets to demonstrate their skills, the more exposure one receives to a broad range of styles, abilities, and methods of learning. 

It’s easy to get too focused on one’s own individual success or failure.  With our low student-to-teacher ratio (4:1), we are always working closely with kids to build good habits.  We value good sportsmanship–learning to win and lose with grace is at the core of everything we do.  Here, we give students the opportunity to learn all the best ways of becoming a good dancer, a good competitor, and a good person.  We want all our kids to appreciate all the fun, fulfillment, and opportunity that dance has to offer.

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