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    Who Are We?

    District dance

    DiDa (District Dance) is a new high-quality dance training program for children in lower Manhattan. We offer classes in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, vocal, and ballroom to children ages 3-10yrs. Our youth dance program is the perfect mix of teaching essential foundations for a career in dance, combined with giving kids the opportunity to have a blast while dancing. Want to learn more about DiDa? Read all About DiDa!

    District Dance NYC (DiDa) Logo

    Exceptional Training

    DiDa offers the best training available in all genres of dance. We are committed to providing parents and students with unparalleled teachers and assistants who can not only break down movement into the most efficient exercises, but also demonstrate that movement properly and with artistry. Our teachers and assistants are second to none in the industry. Dance can quickly turn from hobby, to passion, and then career. It is an accelerated vocation in that, one can’t wait until their dancer is 12yrs old, to realize this might be their “thing” and then figure out where to get the best training. By that time it’s sometimes too late to be competitive in the field. If you are already spending the time (and money), choose the best training for your dancer.

    Teaching More Than Dance

    Dance happens to be our passion, but we know it isn’t everything! We use dance, to teach valuable life skills to young people. Work ethic, accountability, responsibility, team work, and integrity are just as strong of a focus at DiDa as pointed toes. Teaching dancers to graciously handle both successes AND failures to build self-esteem is paramount. DiDa is more than just “extra curricular.” It’s another resource for parents/caregivers to turn amazing tiny humans into amazing big humans, who happen to be amazing dancers.





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