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5 Reasons Why Dance is Good For Kids


Creating Relationships

The thing with dance is kids of all ages can do it! Dance classes for kids is a great way to get your child out there in the world and make friends at an early age, with the same interest as them.  At such a young age, making friends and building healthy relationships is very important. The benefit of dance helps children develop social skills with their peers, which can benefit them with social encounters in school and even at home. 

Physical Health

Because dance is a form of exercise, this can benefit children overall with not only flexibility and coordination, but the improvement of conditioning their heart and lungs. Alongside overall health, it can benefit children who may struggle with being overweight. Dance is a fun activity that keeps the body in constant motion, so it is a good way to get them back on the right path to being healthy and also enjoying what they do. 

Self Esteem

Dance is a form of art, and expressing yourself through it sparks creativity in young children, helping them in the long run. It is a constructive tool to build self-confidence and courage, even as children, this is important. When children are allowed to express themselves in a healthy way, it becomes an outlet for them emotionally, creating a safe and happy environment for them because they are allowed to express themselves freely in the form of movement. Dance classes for kids help the child develop more confidence in themselves. It not only makes them confident, but dance is proven to release endorphins, a chemical that makes you feel good, which can boost your overall happiness. 

Educational Benefits

Dance classes allow you to learn unfamiliar movements, which challenges your brain to focus and remember a structured step-by-step choreo of patterns and movements. This is a great exercise for the brain, and very engaging for the dancers. Having to constantly focus and follow the steps, as well as the rhythm of music, it forces them to become disciplined and to really pay attention to detail, and builds concentration development. This can be very helpful in school, since kids are still growing and learning day by day, more than adults, it can boost focus and improve their attention to detail skills in the classroom, as well as discipline at home. 

Social Environment

Many dance studios in NYC and other large cities offer many varieties of dance, from salsa to hip hop, all the way to ballet. With so many options to choose from, children have the benefit to pick and choose what peaks their interest. Because dance studios have a wide range of choices, your child will feel more accepted by other children who have the same interests as them. Dance classes for kids is a great way to get your children up on their feet and have them learn to become more interactive with children of all ages. With today’s technology, it is very easy to sit them in front of a television or ipad, but dance is a very high active sport that can help the building blocks of childhood, whether it is with making new friends or developing knowledge and skill for the performing arts, you can’t go wrong with signing them up for dance classes.